Transportation BOLC


T-BOLC is approximately 16 weeks long and divided into the areas of Professional Development, General Transportation Knowledge (including: Unit Movement Officer Deployment Planning, TC-AIMS II, Joint/Combined Transportation Network, Sea and Air Cargo Transportation, Distribution Synchronization, In-Transit Visibility, and Material and Personnel Movements), as well as general Junior Officer topics (including: Counseling and Property Management). TC BOLC is course 8-55-C20B and can be found in ATRRS.


The mission of the Transportation Basic Officer Leader’s Course (T-BOLC) is to prepare newly-commissioned Transportation Corps officers for duty at the platoon or company level with emphasis on the exercise of command as a Transportation Corps platoon leader; to improve each individual's communicative, problem-solving, and leadership skills; and to provide a working knowledge of the mission, capabilities, maintenance techniques, and operational procedures of a transportation terminal, water transport, and transportation truck company. Further, to provide a hands-on knowledge of Joint Strategic Deployment and unit movement procedures by rail, air, or sea.

Last Updated: 10 April, 2019