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Deployment and Distribution Command and Control
—Lieutenant General Robert T. Dail and Lieutenant Colonel David E. Jones
Breaking Paradigms: CENTCOM DDOC’s Revolution in Deployment and Distribution
—Commander Eddie Montero, USN
Logistics Modernization Program: A Cornerstone of Army Transformation
—Kevin Carroll and Colonel David W. Coker

Fast Facts About the LMP
Standard Automotive Tool Set: More Than Just an Improved Common Set
—Charissa Nichole Gray
A Visual Tool for Mitigating Vulnerabilities
—Lieutenant Colonel Seth L. Sherwood
CSSAMO Experiences in Operation Iraqi Freedom
—Major Jerome P. Brock
Instilling Innovation in Iraq—Major James J. McDonnell
Energy on Demand—Dr. Keith Aliberti and Thomas L. Bruen
Prediction and Cooperation—Dr. Keith Aliberti and Thomas L. Bruen
Implementing the Theater Medical Information Program
During Operation Iraqi Freedom

— Lieutenant Colonel Mark L. Higdon
What to Pack: A Guide to Predeployment Equipment Planning
—Chief Warrant Officer (W–2) Gregory W. Besaw

Preparing to Deploy
SIGTRAKS: Tracking Logistics Information—Gregory L. Alderete
Optimizing Logistics Through Operations Research
—Dr. Delia J. Valles-Rosales and Major Donovan O. Fuqua
LEDC Extreme Makeover
—Lieutenant Colonel Carey W. Radican
Index of Army Logistician Articles—2006