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ALOG Notes
From CASCOM: Identifying Logistics Requirements Early Improves Warfighting Capabilities—David B. Crum
Securing Khabari Crossing in Kuwait —Major Demetria S. Walker, USAR
Where the Rubber Meets the Road —Specialist Richard L. Rzepka
Sense and Respond: Logistics at the Unit Level
—Major Michael F. Hammond
3d Sustainment Brigade in Iraq
Modular Transformation and the 3d Sustainment Brigade
—Colonel Darrell K. Williams, Lieutenant Colonel Lillard D. Evans, and Captain Brittany R. Warren

Logistics Convoys and the Intelligence Mission
—Captain Jennifer Hurrle
Distribution Operations in MND–North —Major Charlie Ward
Engineers Breaking New Ground in the Sustainment Brigade
—Major Anne V. Taylor
Establishing Modular Human Resources Operations in Iraq
—Captain Shaunarey Amos
Integrating Financial Management Operations in a Logistics
Support Environment
—Lieutenant Colonel Russell A. Holscher
Nonlethal Engagements as a Sustainment Mission
—Captain Lloyd E. Warren III and Captain Brittany R. Warren
The Health of the Command—Colonel Linwood B. Clark
Supporting Immediate Response 2008—Staff Feature
Improving Materiel Readiness for the Joint Warfighter
—Major Eric McCoy
The Road to Interoperability—Major Susan Carson, British Army
Army Logistics Knowledge Management and SALE

—Dr. Nicholas J. Anderson
Operational Logistics Planner for the Modular Army
—Thomas W. Chavers
R & R: Reading and Reviews
Index of Army Logistician Articles—2008